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Well, hello there... My name is

Ivan Mathy

and I am a Designer, Developer and Visual Performer.

About Me

I create large scale interactive experiences using design, animation, new technologies and a whole lot of passion. I love experimenting and learning new things every single day.

I also have a strange obsession for bright lights, LED screens, loud music, MIDI controllers and McDonald's Sweet Tea. In my free time I try to work on games and short films.

If you're trying to know me, you might want to check out my blog or my LinkedIn profile !

Watch my demo reel:

People I've worked with

Over the years, I had the opportunity to work with a large spectrum of companies, artists and organizations; ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, from local bands' concerts to international music festivals, from humanitarian organizations to high-end luxury brands. My work has been featured in shows around the world, and is currently touring with a couple of high ranked artists.

More People  
For confidentiality reasons, I am not allowed to disclose some of the companies I have worked with. Please contact me for more information.
¹ : Indirect Clients. I was brought in to work with these companies by third party agencies and not directly hired by them.

Tools I use

Asides from industry standards such as the Adobe Creative Suite, my workflow is composed of various software and hardware elements. My goal is to integrate seamlessly with existing pipelines while bringing unusual solutions to challenges.

I do my best to try and learn with new tools and technologies as they arise. I experimented with real time visuals and motion capture, drones, augmented & virtual reality, wearable devices, particle and fluid simulations...

Things I do

With skills on both design and technology-related domains, it is often hard for me to explain the kind of work I do. Apparently, a single page document will do just that for me. All you have to do is press that overly-sized button right below. What a time to be alive!


or you can download it, if you're into that sort of things:


Some side projects

Get in touch

I'm always looking for new adventures! Send me a message and let's figure out what wonders we can create!


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