• 230 days ago, I decided to start doing Motion Design/VJ loops on a daily basis. These loops are small videos that seamlessly loop over to be used in live settings, such as concerts and video performances. All these were posted freshly after their creation on my blog.
    While this project has been intended to be a daily process; my daily life ended up blocking me from achieving this goal. As I do not see the point to force myself and/or to produce low quality content, I decided to allow myself days of research, experimentation, and sometimes rest.
    This project is a great way to see how my work has improved over the past year, and a proof of my obsession for Triangles and blue neon lights.
  • All the loops were created using Cinema 4D and After Effects, plus occasional plugins such as VRay, Turbulence FD, Particular (...); then painfully converted to gif using Photoshop.
    While 100 may not seem to be a success for a daily project, I have learned much more than expected. The number 100 represents the number of loops I have completed up to publication on my blog. I have however successfully created one or more experiment every single day of this time period (including vacations, week ends, holidays...), even if most were not worth posting online.
    Every loop has something different about it. It could be the lights, the rendering engine, the way I looped a specific element... So while most have the same look and feel, they are all unique and taught me something new.
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