• For Greyscalegorilla's June 2014 Five Second Projects I created a piece based on the theme: Paradise.
    My goal was to create two very different styles for a simple and a complex landscape, telling an antistory.
  • Five minute initial sketch
  • Software renders
  • The clip was created over two nights, one for the 3D scene creation and rendering, one for the post production.
    The short deadline made it impossible to use effects such as Ambiant Occlusion or Global Illumination. To balance the lack of these realistic elements, I decided to work the look of the two scenes in post.
  • Post production breakdown
  • One of my goals in this projects was working on the details. The idea of a clip that seems empty on the first watch, but brings details everytime you watch it again was very seducing.
    The video contains references to things I like, such as Lost, Portal, Grand Theft Auto V, Star Wars, Daft Punk; but also Shrek and a few more. While some of them are harder to catch with the heavy post processing, it is possible to see almost everything in the high definition version.
  • First billboard concept
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